How to Grow and Care for African Violet

Are you looking for a near indestructible houseplant that is petite, easy to grow, and beautiful? In this article we will discuss how easy it is to grow and care for the resilient African violet houseplant. 

For the best conditions it is important to pay close attention to a few different factors when caring for your African violet plant. You will want to consider air temperature, water temperature, keeping water off the leaves, and being careful to not over water.

Air Temperature 

Most house plants are not too particular to the house temperature… unfortunately this does not apply to African violets. It is best to keep a temperature of no less than 60 – 65°F (15 -18°C) at night. Additionally, you’ll want to keep the humidity moderately humid. During winter or fall, this temperature may be tough to accommodate, so if your house is around that temperature, it will be best to place the plant closer to the heat source if possible. A temperature that falls below 60°F can cause a shock to the plant that can be harmful to the plant.

Water Temperature

African violets do not like to be watered with ice cold water. It is best to warm the water to be room temp when watering. Some growers also like to change how they water their plants, such as soaking the roots in water instead of watering them from the top of the plant. The reason why you may choose to do this as well will be discussed in the next section. 


When it comes to watering your African violet, it is important to consider watering amount, and what parts of the plant you water. To start off, you should water your plant when the soil is slightly damp or almost dry. You will want the soil to almost dry out before watering it. Secondly, it is important on what you water. You will want to be careful not to get water on the leaves or the flowers of the plant. If water is introduced to the leaves or flowers, they will become blemished. This is the main reason why many growers’ water the plant by setting it in a shallow bowl of water for the roots to soak up the water. 

Wrapping it up

African violets make for a beautiful plant for any homes. The beauty of the plant lay in the velvet leaves and the vibrantly colorful flower blooms. This plant is reliant in many conditions, you will just want to be careful with the temperatures of the air, water, and be mindful of how much watering you are doing. Overall, African violets when taken care of properly can provide many years of joy. Happy gardening!

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